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Company Genprogress, Ltd., was founded in 2004 to intensify collaboration among the specialists in the infertility treatment, cytogenetics and clinical genetics. Previous successful collaboration of these specialists from various institutions, sealed with the birth of first 20 babies following the preimplantation genetic diagnosis in the Czech Republic, conceived as the result of this collaboration, included new platform, opening up this and other challenging medical methods to wide range of centres of assisted reproduction. Therefore a team with the deep opinion, until now collaborating on the platform of agreements of common development and implementation of modern cytogenetic methods, joined together in a company. It gives new platform as for effective clinical application as for continuing of the research.

In the last years there were many new methods introduced into clinical practice, permitting to recognize the genetic information deposited in the spermatozoa, oocytes, and embryos and make therefore the treatment of the infertility as well as the early diagnosis of congenital defects more effective. The most important are the preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) using FISH and PCR and the SCSA method for the detection of chromatin structure damage in the head of the spermatozoa.

The aim of the company is to implement the service in the application of the modern genetic and cytogenetic methods for the wide number of the centres of assisted reproduction and access these methods to all couples in the Czech Republic and the surrounding countries, which they need for the conception of the healthy child.

This aim was performed, the company Genprogress executes on the basis of contracts preimplantation genetic diagnosis for several centers of assisted reproduction. Due to this collaboration there were born tenths of healthy childern following the preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

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